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The Team

Our team has been glued together by the values we all share in working for Just Training.

Each of our team members are hand picked following in-depth interviews and training observations to ensure that we have a cohesive group of people who project the ethos and image that we have worked so hard to achieve. Each trainer is selected for their areas of occupational expertise, the ability to engage learners in the classroom and for their motivation and commitment to developing themselves and maintaining an impressive CPD portfolio.

Our admin team play a vital role ensuring efficiency within our administration processes and providing a high level of customer service to all of our clients. They work hard throughout the day to manage bookings, keep all the paperwork flowing, and ensuring certificates are processed swiftly.

As Managing Director, I am immensely proud of our team and all that we have achieved.

Andrea Speak, Managing Director & Corporate Trainer

Hello and welcome to my company.

My mother always said I was a bossy child, so it is perhaps not surprising I ended up owning my own Company. In reality though, Just Training (East Midlands) Limited, was born out of the frustration of working within endless reams of bureaucracy where completing forms scored more points than delivering quality, and to be honest, it drove me nuts!

So one day, after walking down the corridor at work, I thought "what am I doing here, I don't even enjoy it anymore," so I wrote out my notice, handed it in and bought the domain of Just Training, and here we are.

With a passion for "doing things right" and "going the extra mile" Just Training has enjoyed the longevity of continuous growth over the past 10 years, moving into larger premises in 2016, and developing into new areas of delivery.

Last year our repeat business rate was a staggering 87% and that is because our clients know they will receive excellent customer service, affordable pricing and attention to detail in all aspects of their needs.

This year sees the development of our Driver CPC programme, an expansion into Northampton with our new training facility, and an on-line learning portal in the pipeline.

I'm told that my team just love working for Just Training because they enjoy delivering quality training, with the right tools to do the job well, and feel empowered to make change when necessary. And that really works for me as a small business, because a happy team is a happy company.

My own background stems from around 30 years within the training industry, across a range of sector areas, but predominantly Plant Hire, Construction, Engineering, and Management, I have a lot of knowledge to share. I deliver most of our Business Skills/Corporate training as well as developing and designing new courses and course material.

Working for yourself is hard work, but the rewards from our customer reviews, are worth it.

Norman Stephens

Driver CPC, FORS Cycling, First Aid

Norman joins us following his early retirement from the Road Traffic Police and we are delighted to have him on board as part of our highly skilled training team.
Norman has also recently qualified as a National Cycle Instructor and will be supporting the delivery of our FORS Programme with the on-cycle course, as well as delivering our other Driver CPC modules and first aid training as well.

Michelle Wilkinson

First Aid, Sports & Driver CPC Instructor

Michelle is a qualified teacher and sports coach, and now also a National Cycle Instructor. Michelle joined our team in 2016 and has become one of our Lead Trainers across a range of our programmes.
Michelle is a lively character who delivers training with total enthusiasm and a great deal of fun. Delegate feedback is always above excellent.

Dave Cartlidge

First Aid, Fire and Health and Safety & Driver CPC Instructor

Dave is a NEBOSH holder, Life-Guard Examiner, holds a teaching degree and a range of assessor qualifications. Dave joined our team in 2010 and is our Lead Instructor on Health and Safety training.
Dave is an enthusiastic trainer, displaying great skills in the classroom, is supportive to learners and has a wealth of knowledge and skills that enhance every course he delivers.

Hannah Cooper

Employer Engagement Officer

Hannah is our initial contact with employers and enjoys building relationships with our clients. Hannah is generally busy all day everyday taking care of our customers, dealing with bookings and orders and making sure our First Aid Shop is kept well stocked. Hannah is a great team member with endless patience supporting the instructors with .

Debra Wallhead

Training Administrator

Debra has recently joined us as our Office Administrator and I have no idea how we managed without her. A well rounded administrator Debra has a busy schedule taking care of endless amounts of paperwork, certificates, uploading data and keeping the place ticking over very nicely.

Rick Moughton

First Aid and Fire Instructor

Rick is back! What can I say. Rick joined us back in 2013 and did a sterling job delivering courses all over the UK. He took a short break from training to undertake some sailing training, which is his passion, but now he is back and we are so pleased.
Rick served as a fire fighter for 30 years, and is an Emergency Responder and fully qualified Fire Risk Assessor.
Rick undertakes Internal Quality Assurance activities for us and keeps everyone in check.

John Soltys

Driver CPC Trainer
John has worked for us on and off since 2014 delivering various topics within our Driver CPC Training programmes.
John works as a part time driver for organisations such as Sainsburys, keeping his hand in within the industry, and also works as a freelance trainer with ourselves. John has a wealth of knowledge across all aspect of the freight industry.

Adam Finch

Driver CPC Trainer

Adam has been with us since 2017, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Freight and Logisitics industry. Adam has driven a wide range of heavy vehicles and been involved in planning, routing, loading, driving and managing.

Darren Mitchell

First Aid and Health and Safety

Darren joined us in early 2018, as a First Aid trainer, and has slotted into our team like a comfy old slipper. He is full of enthusiasm and totally motivated to ensure everyone receives a great learning experience. He is full of beans, gives a great fun experience, and is completely dedicated to his role.