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Driver CPC training courses Leicester and Nationwide

Driver Periodic CPC Training

Now that the September 2019 deadline has been achieved, and most drivers have updated their DQC Card, we are pleased to say that once again, our customers have voted us "The very best CPC Courses they have ever attended."

- With our continual commitment to providing an excellent level of customer service, our friendly training staff, a clean and well equipped training centre, a hearty lunch provided, and our engaging and interactive Driver CPC Courses, we know that we do all we can to make these training modules as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible.
- Our Driver CPC Courses are approved for both HGV Lorry Drivers and PCV Bus and Coach Drivers, and are in a modular format, meaning we can mix and match modules to make a more interesting day for the drivers.
- We run frequent open courses from our spacious and well appointed training centre in Leicester as well as providing group courses from either our premises, or we can come out and deliver on your own site.

For 2020, we are holding our group course prices, and have introduced a new lower price for the smaller group sizes.

If you are tired of doing the same old boring Driver CPC Courses and want more value for your money, then give us a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Who needs to complete Driver CPC

Anyone who took their car test before 01.01.1997 and wishes to drive professionally on their C1 Licence, must take 35 hours of Driver CPC Modules to gain the Driver Qualification Card (DQC)

If you took your car test before 01.01.1997 and subsequently took a higher category vocational test afterwards completing a Theory and Practical Test, you can either take 35 Hours of Periodic CPC Training, or as a one off, you can take Initial Periodic Modules 2&4 at an approved test centre to gain your first DQC.
After that you will need to maintain your Periodic CPC training.

If you took your car test after 01.01.1997 and took your vocational licence(LGV or PSV) Initial Modules 1 & 3 on or after 10.09.2009 then you will need to take Initial Modules 2 & 4 at an approved test centre in order to gain a DQC to drive for hire or reward.

If you took your car test after 01.01.1997 and took your vocational test before 09.09.2009 to gain a higher category, then you can choose to either complete initial periodic CPC modules 2 & 4 at an approved test centre, OR, you can take 35 hours of CPC Periodic Modules to gain your DQC Card.

How to remove Code 101 Restriction from a D1/D1E/D category

If you took your car test before 01.01.1997 you will have automatically gained a D1/D1E on your licence with a code 101 Restriction, which is not for hire or reward

You may also have a restricted vocational D Licence if you took your D test after 1991 as well.

To remove the code 101 so that you can drive for Hire or Reward, you must take a full set of tests and complete a PSV Drivers Medical

You will need to apply for a provisional PSV Licence, complete a PSV Medical and book in to sit all 4 Initial CPC Modules at an approved test centre.