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What are the Benefits of FORS training?

What are the Benefits of FORS training?

Thursday 21st March 2019
Just Training

Whether you operate a fleet of vehicles yourself or are an organisation that awards contracts to fleet vehicles, getting accredited under the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (otherwise known as FORS) can provide a major boost to your business.

Accreditation is available for operators of coaches, lorries, mini-buses, vans, and other commercial vehicles, and demonstrates a commitment to improving efficiency and safety among fleet vehicles and their drivers.

Why seek out FORS training?

Whether you're hoping to attain FORS Bronze accreditation or FORS Silver accreditation, it is a group that it is worth being recognised by. As part of the scheme, you and your staff will be trained to improve road safety, increase fuel efficiency and reduce fuel emissions, reduce incidences of charges and fines to your fleet vehicles, and gain greater insight to the fleet vehicle industry. FORS accreditation shows that your company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and reducing the risk to other road users through safer driving - both things to be proud of.

Benefits of FORS accreditation

Aside from the knowledge that you will receive as part of your mandatory FORS training, accreditation brings with it a host of other benefits. This includes the group's own bespoke performance management system that allows you to track your progression through the various levels of accreditation. You also get a number of trackers and toolkits, allowing you to keep an eye on important fleet data such as penalty charge notices, fuel use, cycle safety, and congestion, among others.

Targeted FORS training

Being accredited through FORS also offers substantial opportunities for progression through the various levels which, in their turn, bring greater bonuses to your company and your team. This includes specialised targeted training for both drivers and management, conducted both as practical workshops and online eLearning packages.

Your first step towards FORS accreditation

At Just Training, we have a range of FORS approved courses designed to get you and your company all the benefits of formal accreditation by the group. Call today on 0116 216 6488 for more information, and to book your first course.