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FORS Gold - Urban Freight

FORS Gold - Urban Freight

Wednesday 29th January 2020
Andrea Speak

Further to our previous post, we are pleased to announce that Transport for London/FORS have approved our own URBAN FREIGHT course as an equivalent to FORS LoCITY at Gold level.

If you are thoroughly fed up with hearing about issues relating only to LONDON, then our new course URBAN FREIGHT provides you with a much more interactive course with activities to support drivers learning and understanding about Air Quality and Climate Change issues.

We look at a wide range of topics within our new course, that gives an insight into the future of the freight industry, ways in which we can all make a difference in our own lives to saving our planet, and changes across the UK in relation to Clean Air Zones and new technological advances.

Feedback from our course so far, has been AMAZING with drivers saying how much they have enjoyed the course.