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About Us

About Us

The journey began in 2007 by Managing Director, Andrea Speak, who was disillusioned with the ethos that most large training providers have - maximum profit, minimum quality and effort.

Being passionate about both quality and customer service, Andrea founded Just Training (East Midlands) Limited that initially ran alongside her other company - Just Diving Limited. Being a well-respected senior ranked Scuba Instructor had taught her the importance of doing things right, and as a passionate trainer, she knew she had more to offer, so Just Training was born to extend her ability to teach in other areas and her extensive Management experience.

Although Just Training was launched in the year of economic disaster, it grew steadily while quickly gaining a reputation for providing fun, enjoyable and very informative training sessions, with learners proclaiming our courses some of the best they had ever been on.

Our entire training Ethos is built around Pikes Theory of Adult Learning and how adults learn best. Our courses are designed and developed in house to ensure they are learner participative focused to ensure every learner gets the very best from their training.

If we cannot achieve Mindset and Behaviour change in the classroom, then we have failed as trainers.

If your training courses are lethargic, lacking in detail, and fail to engage learners, then call us to see how we can help re-energise your learning and development programmes.

About Us