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CUSTOMER FEEDBACK is so important to us, and we actively encourage and welcome feedback from all of our learners which is used to identify areas of improvements and points that learners just love about our courses so we can make them even better.

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Hi, Some thoughts on Saturdays course.(15/02/2020 - Protecting Vulnerable Road Users. FORS)
1/ A course that I thought was going to be a waste of time being probably the most beneficial of the 9 or 10 cpc I've attended so far (and that includes two days at Stobarts academy)
2/ A realisation that a lot of professional hgv driver have not really got a full understanding of cyclists needs.
3/ I know a lot of drivers wouldn't agree but I think this course should be a mandatory cpc module.
4/ venue and staff first rate, keep up the good work

Paul Stapleford, Owner Driver for Stobart's

I have been sending many of my customers to Just Training for them to complete their FORS Training at various levels. What I hear back from them, is that the training at Just Training is far superior to other providers they have previously attended. They report back that rather than an instructor talking to a screen and reading off a powerpoint slide all day, you get real training by trainers who know how to deliver engaging training that drivers actually learn something from. I had never met the team so I decided to pay them a visit recently. Their premises are amazing. Sofas and a coffee bar for the drivers, a warm welcome, quality training materials that are well written at the right level, a spacious well equipped training room, and a passion for going the extra mile and doing it right. It is clear that the team are actually qualified to teach by the way they interpret adult learning and how adults learn best. They exude a drive to commit to change and this industry certainly needs change to the way training is delivered. It is clear they spend a lot of money on upskilling staff and developing knowledge from the events they attend to stay in touch with a rapidly changing industry.
My customers actually really enjoy attending CPC and FORS Training at Just Training, and that is a first.

Withheld, Withheld - Leicester

We have attended a couple of courses with Just Training recently, and I have to say this is some of the best quality training I have ever been on. The facilities are spot on, large training room, excellent range of resources, very friendly and welcoming and the trainers are exemplary. It is clear that the trainers who ran the courses are passionate about what they do and understand how to train. A lot of interactivity and a lot of opportunity to think about what we were learning and absorb the information.

Richard Pryor, Pryor and Son

On Saturday I did my FORS Silver training with Just Training.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was brilliant and what I learnt on the course has really improved by view on safety when driving

Matthew Johnson, A E Faulks

Just attended a FORS Silver On-Cycle course at Just Training, and give it 10 out of 10!
The course was very informative, engaging and they have fantastic facilities. The instructors are fantastic and I would highly recommend this training

Andrew Spicer, A E Faulks

I attended a Driver CPC First Aid course a few weeks ago with Just Training, and have quickly returned to complete a further Driver CPC Course with them, to complete my FORS Silver On-Cycle Training. I came back to JT because in-between my two courses with them I attended another Driver CPC Course in Leicester with another provider, which was terrible. The other providers premises were dirty, toilets filthy, no tea or coffee provided you had to buy it out of a vending machine which looked disgusting, the training room was cold and dirty, the trainer was dull and ineffective. Although the other provider was £6 cheaper, its not worth the savings. At Just Training you get more than £6 worth of extra. Their premises are warm, comfortable, clean, friendly, you get not just coffee, but proper coffee, and a really nice buffet lunch. The training is interesting and the quality of the trainers is exemplary. I will definitely be returning to Just Training to deliver my CPC Training in 2020.

Marc Roots, Roots Transport

Today I attended a Driver CPC first aid course and I simply could not fault the day at all.
No guessing where to park or go, no, it's all signposted, so I don't get lost and don't arrive late.
Lovely venue, well lit, toasty warm, nice furniture, comfy chairs, and spotlessly clean. Fresh coffee and a nice warm welcome from our instructor Michelle.
The course was well prepared, Michelle, clearly very enthusiastic about the subject, was entertaining in her delivery and made learning a breeze. I learned so much, frankly I was disappointed when I had to go home.
Well done to all at Just Training and thank you

Marc Roots, Roots Transport

Just completed First Aid at Work training course. The trainer (Nikki) was very professional and knowledgeable with great attention to detail whilst keeping it light and entertaining. The facilities and hospitality were first class and very welcoming. Without doubt I achieved my objectives for the day and this confirms Just Training as my businesses preferred first aid training provider. Thanks guys, you did a great job!

Jamie Court, Clinical Print Finishers

Andrea and the team are highly skilled and experienced trainers.
The course was difficult but Michelle and Andrea made it so easy to understand. I will be using just training for other training i wish to do.
Just wish i,d come across just training before i,d done my freight cpc and train the trainer course.
Would highly recommend just training to anyone. ++++++++++++
thanks again Andrea and Michelle.

Michael Hadley, MJH Driver CPC Training, Stoke on Trent

I have just attended the Level 3 Award in Education and Training with Just Training at Leicester, (Oct 2019) and it was absolutely brilliant. Andrea and her team were exceptional trainers and I have learnt so much that my mind was completely blown. I thought the course would be so easy as an existing trainer, but I have been taught so many different techniques on this course, and how to present great courses without powerpoint that I am amazed. Andrea has a real nack of whacking you round the head without it hurting which is absolutely brilliant.

Paddy Barnett, MJH Driver CPC Training, Stoke on Trent

I attended the Driver CPC First Aid training on the 14th September 2019 at Just Training and give it 10 out of 10. Best CPC Training I have done. Nice premises. Lunch was really nice. The staff are really helpful and very friendly.

Ron Burnham, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council

We engaged Just Training to deliver our FORS Silver Protecting Vulnerable Road User course from our premises in Pershore, and they did a great job They turned up early, fully loaded with kit, and Michelle and Nikki delivered a great course. The classroom session was very interesting and presented a different angle on sharing the road and looking at new road layouts, and the On-Cycle training was well thought out and well delivered. It suited every ability level and everyone was very well looked after.

Steve King, Whites Logistics

Just completed a L3 Emergency First Aid at Work with Michelle as our trainer. The course was really engaging and interesting and I feel very confident with my first aid skills.

Alana Field, Intercede

Attended the Working at Height Course on the 17th October 2019 and it was 10 out of 10. It really makes you stop and think before using a ladder!

Heath Marlow, East Midlands Housing

Did the Protecting Vulnerable Road User course on 4th September and it was brilliant. I had a really good day. Thank you for making it interesting.

Neil Peberdy, Self-employed driver

Did the Vulnerable Road User course on 4th September 2019 with Nikki as the instructor. She was great fun, and the course was very good. The food is excellent

Jeff Holder, S R Transport

I attended the CPC Healthy Living and Drivers Health modules on 3rd September 2019, and it was a very interesting course. Pete was the instructor and the whole day was very informative. I shall be now changing my diet and watching what I eat. Thanks Pete

John Echlin, Aerofab

Dave is one of the best trainers I have ever had and the FORS training was really enjoyable. I didnt actually want to do it, if Im honest, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and I learnt a lot too. I am definitely more aware of giving cyclists more room. They also provide all the refreshments and lunch was very nice.

Paul Robson, Self-employed driver

If you want a fun, entertaining and interesting CPC training call these guys. Yes I thought it would be a boring 35 hours of my life I would never get back, but to my surprise I and others found it fun, entertaining and interesting. Their trainers were first class and are a credit to the owner of Just Training Andrea. Just want to say a big thank you to Andrea and her team for a great week. P.S When they say a Jaupt adjudicator could call in at any time its true as we had one just walk in to do a check.

Graham Neilson, Self-employed driver

The FORS Protecting Vulnerable Road User course was excellent. I really enjoyed it. The classroom session was very informative and the cycling instructors were very well organised and did excellent safety briefs. It was all very well carried out. Lunch was included as well. I will definitely be using Just Training again.

Richard Dove, Dove Haulage

The First Aid at Work requalification course was the best first aid course I have ever been on. There is nothing you could do to make it better, as the instructor Michelle was fantastic and the way in which she taught made it so easy to understand. Now I do what to do, and why I am doing it.

Charnwood Borough Council

Just completed the Healthy Living For Drivers CPC course and it was a very good course. Better than most boring CPC courses. Michelle cooked for us! We had great fun and it really made me think about diet and energy for my brain to function properly at work.

Adam Pickerell, Alutrade

I had to do this course for FORS accreditation and didnt really want to do it, especially the cycling, but it was really good. The staff were very friendly, and very helpful and we had a lot of fun. It was not boring at all and I really enjoyed it.

Craig, G H Logistics

Just completed our FORS Silver Protecting Vulnerable Road User course with Just Training, and it was THE BEST CPC course we have ever been on. The premises were really nice, we were provided with a great buffet lunch, we had free flowing coffee and tea and the instructors were really friendly and helpful. We actually learnt loads, and it was good to experience the roads as a cyclist. I would highly recommend this course and the training provider to everyone.

Gary Vesty, J&G Vesty

I personally found the First Aid at Work course very good and extremely useful. I have learnt things about our body and how it works, new techniques how to save lives if ever I need to use those skills. I am sure Phil will back me up on this, I have attended courses with other providers before but I have learnt more on this one than ever before, Andrea was a brilliant instructor and always happy to answer any questions.

Hugo Fernandez, Bakers Waste

Stay Safe, Be Safe Driver CPC was exceptionally good. I learnt really useful information about protecting myself, my cargo and my vehicle and how to defend myself if necessary, within the law. The trainer, Dave, was exemplary in his instruction and great fun course too.
Just Training have provided me with a week of high quality training, a free lunch every day, and really good training facilities. The courses are all relevant and useful information is learnt, not like normal CPC where you get poor training and basic boring stuff. The staff here are really helpful and friendly. I will be recommending Just Training to everyone.

Neil Stewart, self-employed

As someone returning to driving for a living, having taken a number of years out, The Compendium of Driving CPC Module was a really great way to refresh my skills and catch up on all the changes. The instructor, John, has an incredible wealth of knowledge on all the subjects, and I learnt so much in a really fun and engaging way and there was a nice price for the quiz winner - nice touch. This course is useful for all new drivers and to refresh skills for those who have been out of it for a while.
Just Training is PRICELESS. Delivery of training is excellent, the training courses they offer are relevant and really informative

Willimore Vushe, Self Employed

The 4 days of training for the L3 Award in Education and Training was invaluable to me. The training course content was informative and very helpful for moving forwards and producing lesson plans with more detail. I really enjoyed. Thank you Andrea for all your help and support

Nicola Rigby, BMW Academy

CPC Fire Training was great. We learnt about vehicle fires, and how fast a coach can burn to a skeleton. Frightening. Although we carry extinguishers I didnt really have any training on using it, so it was great fun to go out into the yard and put a real fire out. Great piece of kit they have. I can understand how a fire blanket would be very useful for passenger safety.

George Mills, Ridleys Coaches

I am going to tell everyone about Just Training and their CPC courses. They are wonderful. The very best I have been on. Lunch is provided, and is very nice, the coffee is fine quality, the training room is huge, the trainers and the staff are helpful and friendly. They get you doing loads of stuff in the training, so the day goes very quickly but you learn a lot. You are not sitting listening to Powerpoint all day. You are actually doing things, like cooking, tasting food, drinking beer, tying knots, lifting things, putting fire out, saving lives, putting on bandages, reversing remote control trucks round cones. It was great fun but very informative. I am better driver now.

Iulian Ghisoiu, Self Employed

I have just completed my Driver CPC with Just Training, and I will definitely be back. Other courses I have done have been boring subjects, with no activities and no fun. Here, you get enjoyment from all courses, great fun and the instructors are very welcoming and they work hard throughout the day to keep you engaged. The instructors know their stuff and clearly diseminate the information in a way to suit the participants. I had free nice lunch, really nice coffee, the training facilities are very nice with sofas, dining tables, and a large room to train in. Its very cheap and very good quality. This is the best training centre ever.

Willimore Vushe, Self Employed

The course was amazing. We had food cooked for us, all sorts of food to try throughout the day, a great lunch was provided, and the Beer Goggle Challenge in the afternoon was so funny.

Driver CPC : Healthy Living for Drivers

Jake Pinchess, Cobley Transport

The instructor had great knowledge and was an excellent instructor. I really enjoyed the CPC Course and was a good days training.

Cobley Transport - Driver CPC : Healthy Living for Drivers

Karl Marriott, Cobley Transport

Andrea, thank you so much for delivery a great course. This has boosted my confidence and and I know have a positive attitude towards my leadership role.

2 Day Transformational Leadership Course

Simone Taylor-Greene, University of Leicester

This was one of the best courses I have ever been on!. Andrea delivered this course in a fun and enoyable way, and I learnt so much from attending.

2 Day Transformational Leadership Course

Robert Lambe, University of Leicester

The 2 day Leadership course, was just what we wanted. Not stuffy or boring theory, which is what we have had in the past. This course was energetic. Andrea made it really easy to understand and we had plenty of time to discuss our personal reflections and particular issues we struggle with at work. Andrea was easy to get on with, friendly, and provided real examples that we could relate to. We were buzzing at the end of this course. I like the way it was delivered in an "Adult" training layout with sweets, pens, workbooks, plenty of handouts and toolkits. A previous trainer sat us in a U shape classroom and spent days talking at us without any interaction, so this was a breath of fresh air.

Amanda Redland, Sarah Duval, Robert Myers, Dan Holk, 3D Designs, Lancashire

Just completed 5 days of Driver CPC and the place was amazing. Will definitely return next year and will tell all my friends about it. Lovely food, very nice training centre facilities, and instructors are really friendly and helpful.

Ronne Rebeiro, Agency

One of the best CPC courses I have ever been on, and I was really well looked after

Luke Thrower, Quinto Cranes

Jon Ashmore is an excellent speaker and full of knowledge, a nice genuine bloke
Driver CPC Highways First Aid

Wayne Griffiths, Kiely Bros Birmingham

I have been on a few first aid courses, and this overall came top. Best Explained course I have been on. Instructor knowledge 10/10 and I don't say this in a light way. Excellent Course (Driver CPC Highway First Aid)

Alan Tyrrell, Kiely Bros Birmingham

Thanks very much for all your help with the first aid supplies. It saved a lot of money with you coming out to provide us with a kit that is actually useful, rather than a kit full of bandages that usually get thrown away. And a free hot water bottle too.... now thats what I will be using on the touchline. Thanks Andrea

Claire Boughton, Community Football Team

Hi Andrea
Received my First Aid order on Friday. It was all there and quality stuff will know where to come for replacements when I need them next time. Thanks for the prompt delivery out to site

Paul Townsend, Westleigh Partnerships, Leicester

Andrea, thank you so much for all your support in getting me through my L3 Award in Assessing Vocational Achievement. You have been a brilliant mentor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to do this award. I will be in touch when I want to do some more training.

Louise Canham, Self-Employed

Really nice clean facility, which is unusual for Driver CPC. A buffet was provided and was excellent. We were all well looked after on the course. I would definitely come back here every time

Lee Williamson, Alpha Pallets

Just completed a 7 hour CPC Module at Just Training, and it was one of the best courses I have ever been on.The facilities are modern, clean and spacious and the staff are welcoming and friendly. The quality of the training was tip top and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

J F RIckhuss, JFR Transport Limited

I didn't want to come on this course, but was told I had to attend, but I was so glad I did attend as I have had 4 great days of training and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I now understand how to teach and train properly

Leicestershire Police - Advanced Driver Training Team, L3 Award in Education and Training

Wow at last a course that actually gives you the tools to put everything into practice. This is the best course I have ever been on.

Dimensions Workwear, Transformational Leadership

I just wanted to say thank  you for today. You reminded me of my burns consultant as your passion and expertise are second to none. At no point did I feel that there is no way I can do this because you won't allow it. You instil the confidence needed. It was a privilege working with  you and so very reassuring that if we work hard we earn the qualification instead of just being given it. What a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much I really appreciated your help, patience and your knowledge

Thatcham Motor Research, L3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

After struggling with tackling underperformance I'm now going to use the tool kit and go back to work with a new approach

Neovia Logistics, First time leadership

I'd recommend this course to everyone in a leadership role, it really helped me

Gartree High School, First Time Leadership

Great course, great instructor, lovely training facilities. Learnt so much

University of Leicester, L3 Award in Education and Training

I was very nervous about doing this course, but you made it fun, enjoyable and easy to understand. Thank you for all your help with my micro teaching. I cant wait to do another course here

Loughborough Dogs Trust, L3 award in Education and Training

Thoroughly enjoyed it and just goes to show what you can do if you know how to do it. I really enjoyed this course.

Flogas UK Limited, Presentation Skills Training

This was a brilliant day. I was so nervous but I was made to feel relaxed and there was a lot of support available from Andrea. Thank you for all your help

Alexandra Workwear, Presentation Skills Training

Great course supported by a high quality handbook all in colour, and really good quality handouts. I thought I did understand customer objectives until I did this course when I realised there were higher objectives I didn't even think about

University of Leicester, Exceeding Customer Expectations

Dave is such a good instructor that I passed my first aid course, when I didn't think that I would as I don't normally enjoy training and would struggle with getting through it. Thank you

J Powney Services, L3 First Aid at Work

I have been on many fire marshal courses over the years, and this was really the best one I have ever been on. Mark made it very interesting and all the practical work was great fun.

My Home Move - Leicester, L2 Award in Fire Marshal, Fire Safety

Thorough training from excellent instructors. We would not use anyone else

Toyota Materials Handling, L3 First Aid at Work

Great centre, really nice people, welcoming and friendly. Loads of training kit and the best course I have ever been on. I have been on loads of first aid courses, but this was the very best because they make it down to Earth and logical without any fancy names or gimmicks. You feel really competent at the end.

Westleigh Partnerships, L2 Emergency First Aid at Work

Driver CPC courses are usually really boring with an instructor just reading off a powerpoint slide, but this was massively different. It was really the best Driver CPC course I have ever been on. We did live cooking, beer tasting and the beer goggle challenge. I learnt a lot about the food I am eating and it taught me a lot that I am perhaps not as healthy as I thought !

A Plant Limited, Driver CPC

Thanks Andrea. We had a major issue with ineffective systems and processes and you quickly got to the nub of the issue and arranged some bespoke training around Time Management and Assertiveness, which has boosted moral and made a real difference. Wouldn't hesitate to use you again.

D Ward & Sons, Planning and Organising

I have been a driver for years, and have done loads of CPC courses, but this one was the best I have ever been on. The centre is really top-notch, clean and tidy, air conditioning was nice as it was so hot outside, and really well equipped. The coffee was worth coming to the course for. You dont usually get it free and this was real stuff. Interesting course, learnt loads and would come back

Graham Card, Northants, Driver CPC

Really enjoyed the course. Quite a lot to get through but the practical activities and fun approach really helped everyone in our team to learn. The training aids and resources you bring to site worked well. Everyone got something out of this day.

Welland Medical by Drive, L2 Award in Health and Safety

Our previous trainer had based their training on fear, so it was great that you came in and did some training based on a common sense approach and made it easy to understand how to be compliant with Health and Safety without the fear of impending prosecution. We feel so much better now we understand better and the training was top notch and well presented

Velan Valves, L2 Award in Fire Safety, L2 Health and Safety, L2 Manual Handling.