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Who needs to have a Driver Qualification Card?

In simple terms, any one who drives a vehicle over 3500kg as a professional driver for hire or reward will require a Driver Qualification Card. This includes Lorries, pick-ups, flat backs, minibuses with more than 9 seats, coaches and buses. There are some exemptions, but in general if you drive a heavy vehicle for a living you are going to probably need a DQC card.

I have my own small building business and pick up materials to take to my building job, do I need a DQC?

Generally no you don't. If you are carrying tools or goods with which you are using on job that you are working on then no you don't. However, if you pick up materials, such as sand, cement, bricks etc, and drop them off at a site for someone else to use, then you become a delivery driver, and then need to have a DQC if your vehicle is over 3500kg. However if you find yourself working more than 100km from your registered base, you will need to have a tachograph fitted, and this will then mean that you are driving under EU Rules, so you will need a DQC card.

How do I obtain my first DQC card?

If you took your car driving test before 01.01.1997 you will have inherited rights on your C1/D1 Licence, even if you have subsequently taken a higher category test to become a C or D Driver. Therefore you only have to attend 35 hours of Periodic Classroom based training to gain your DQC Card.

If you took your Car Test on or after 01.01.1997 and have subsequently taken a C or D Licence before 10.09.2009 you can either do 35 hours of Periodic Classroom Based training or contact your local LGV/PCV approved test centre to book in to take your Initial Modules 2 & 4. Either route will give you a DQC card for five years.

If you took your LGV or PCV test after 10.09.2009 and only did the Initial Modules 1&3 you need to contact your local LGV/PCV test centre to arrange to complete your Initial Module 2&4. This will then give you a DQC card for five years.

What happens if I let my DQC expire?

Once your DQC card has expired you can no longer drive as a professional driver for hire or reward, and will have to then take all 5 modules again to renew it. If you have already taken some modules before the expiry date, you will need to check that the first module you took is not more than 5 years from the date of the last module you do, otherwise it will not count and will be wasted.

Once I have renewed my DQC card, when can I do further modules for my next card?

At any time after the date of issue of your DQC Card, you can start to complete further Periodic Courses, which will be held in the "bank" until your card expires. If you have 35 hours in the "bank" before your existing DQC card expires, your new card will automatically be produced and sent to you in the post to the address registered on your Driving Licence.

I have learning difficulties and worried about attending CPC Courses in case I can't pass them. What will happen if I can't read or write?

You have no need to worry about attending the courses we offer. Our trainers are all highly experienced, and our courses are all very interactive with lots of practical activities and trainer led discussions. You will often be working in a group so you can put forward your ideas, thoughts and suggestions without needing to write them down. Your trainers will help you throughout the day, and ensure you are included in the lesson. There are no tests to take at the end of the course, as it is based purely on attending for 7 hours.

Can I complete the same Driver CPC Module again?

Yes you can do any Driver CPC Module on more than one occasion. You can do the same CPC Module the next day, if you really had to! We do not encourage repeating Driver CPC Modules over short periods of time, but there are legitimate reasons why you should re-do some of the modules more than once in a 5 year period.