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Meet The Team

ANDREA SPEAK - Managing Director
My mother always said I was a bossy child, so it is perhaps not surprising I ended up owning my own Company. In reality though, Just Training (East Midlands) Limited, was born out of the frustration of working within endless reams of funding bureaucracy where it was more important to fill in forms all day, than deliver any kind of quality training or even understand what the employer required.

I have a passion for "doing things right" and "going the extra mile" which has given us an enviable position of approximately 91% repeat business rate year on year, and a pattern of continuous growth and development into new areas. Along with this each year we seem to gain a significant number of businesses placing their training with ourselves based on our reputation, audit reports and value for money training programmes.

I hold a wide range of qualifications in Management, Leadership, Teaching and Training, Assessing, Internal Quality Assurance, Customer Service, First Aid and much more.

Working for yourself is hard, but also very rewarding. If you are not prepared to put in a 110% you should not be a business owner !

HANNAH MOORE - Employment Engagement Manager
Hannah joined us in 2016 as our sales co-ordinator, and quickly became embedded into the organisation due to her enthusiasm for bringing on board new businesses and clients across the range of our training services. Hannah is a delight to work with and most of our customers and clients will be, or become, extremely familiar with her helpful nature and the effort she goes to to try and meet employer needs. Hannah is now our Engagement Manager and reaches out to new business across the UK to see how we can help support their learning and development needs. Hannah is the key initial contact at Just Training

ALISON BLACK - Administration Manager
Alison joined us in March 2021 initially to take on board the overflow of day to day administration, but quickly became a pair of hands we just couldn't do without across many other areas of our needs, and has proven to be a lynch pin of our Admin functions. Alison is a local lady, and is extremely kind to all our clients and learners, going the extra mile to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of learners by making copious jugs of coffee and pots of tea.

DANIEL BOND - Full Time Trainer
Daniel joined us in November 2021 to take on the role of full time trainer (and handyman!) and is kept extremely busy. Daniel delivers a range of our training courses in first aid, fire safety, manual handling, people handling, evac chair, safe use of sharps and much more. Daniel is a delight to work with, he is funny, brilliant at DIY which is always a bonus here, and is unbelievably committed to doing a brilliant job.

MARK INGHAM - Lead Safe Urban Driving / Cycle Awareness Trainer
Mark has been working for us for the past two years, delivering the On-Cycle training module of our Safe Urban Driving course to our fleet operator clients across the UK. Mark is a recently retired head teacher, and is a delight to work with. Enthusiastic and passionate about both cycling and teaching he makes a great combination to deliver our SUD programme. Feedback on all Marks courses is truly amazing with drivers often commenting on how patient he is.

Pete has been with us since 2017 delivering impressive courses in first aid, mental health, evac chair, manual handling and people handling. Recently Pete has taken on more of a lead Internal Quality Assurer role supporting the centre to provide a rigorous process of quality assurance across its delivery, and supporting our trainers with lesson observations and addressing any development needs for them.

Tommy has just joined our organisation having previously been in the military and is undertaking a range of development courses to achieve is teaching qualifications. Tommy is a gentle soul, with a strong sense of humour and is happy to do early morning starts to help Mark deliver our Safe Urban Driving Courses across the length and breadth of England.

MICHELLE WILKINSON - Trainer / Assessor
Michelle has been with us for around 10 years and supports both the delivery of courses and development of new courses. Michelle delivers a range of courses including First AId, Driver Well Being, People Handling, Manual Handling, and Sharps Awareness. Many of our clients will have been taught my Michelle over the years, and everyone always comments on her brilliant approach in the training room

Nikki works as a freelance instructor for us and delivers a range of training programmes for us. Nikki is bright and bubbly and is also a qualified National Cycle Instructor who helps Mark deliver our Safe Urban Driving Course.