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Coaching Workplace Performance

£850.00 exc VAT

Increases contributions to the team/workplace

Promotes growth and self confidence

Improve decision making skills

Reduces isolation and increases self-esteem

Creates strong teams

Develops the right skills, for the right roles.

Improves communication

Who the course is for

For those leaders, managers or in-house trainers who really want to get the very best out of every team member they are responsible for. The benefits of coaching your team members are many but some of the most advantageous ones are the enhanced levels of respect, creativity and self-management that coaching brings. The development of relationships through coaching help to build harmony and wellness to any team.

What the course covers

  • The purpose of coaching
  • Establishing confidentiality
  • Creating self-belief and owning responsibilities
  • Identifying and resolving issues
  • Exploring personal career visions and goals
  • Formulating a business and personal strategy

Course Duration:
1 Day

Course Cost:
£850 for up to 10 delegates on a group course at your premises or at our premises in Leicester
For venues greater than 60 miles of Leicester, please enquire any possible additional fees.

What is Included:
Course manuals
Refreshments and lunch will be provided if held at our training centre.

Group courses can be held at our premises in Leicester, or we can deliver course at your own premises or a venue of your choice within the UK